The Triangle becoming the Square: From Heaven to Earth

On our Creative journey we have the 3 primordial substances: Fire, Water, & Air.  

Fire = Spirit (White...typically depicted as Red because of Perceptual Limitations, since All Colors in Lightwave form/Immaterial = White)

Air = Mind (Blue-Green-Yellow, these vary in presentation due to our personal Angle of View...perception).

Water = Body (Black...often depicted as Blue again because of Perceptual Limitations, since All Colors combined on Earth/Matter = Black).

(As an aside, if you'd like to know more about the behaviors of color within our perception, then research "Quantum Chromodynamics.")

In Esoteric practices 2 of these are Masculine and 1 Feminine.
Masculine energy is light, airy, and moves rapidly.
Feminine energy is dense, heavy, and moves slowly.

It takes 2 masculine forces to Turn...or SPIN into and Stir the Primordial Feminine Waters.  

Each of us has within us these forces.  We are comprised of these elements.  We are in a constant state of Flux: Birth-Death-Rebirth.  When we find ourselves out of balance, then we must look into these aspects to discover what needs cleansing, destruction, expression, nurturance, et al.  We also share these fluctuations with Others.  Our Dance is an experience of Personal Alchemy and Inter-Personal Alchemy.  This Bio-Chemical dance is the great HUM or OHM/OM of the Universe...and yes, it does actually make that sound when you are in Flow enough to hear Us all.

In the video linked below, Astrophysicist Paul Sutter talks of these 3 Primordial Substances as contained within the Proton as Quarks.  We teach these 3 substances and their presentation of Color within the construct of the Tarot.  They are:

King = Fire (masculine: up Quark 1) = Wands
Prince = Air (masculine: up Quark 2) = Swords
Queen = Water (feminine: down Quark) = Cups

The engagement of these 3 substances is unified by "Putting on a Face" (color/makeup) by the Princess = Earth/Crystal = Pentacles.

This is where Free Will chooses how to use the Primordial Goo...Creative juices.  We choose how to Get on Stage in the great Cosmic Dance.  We dress ourselves in our Personal Archetype/s in order to personify a character, allowing each Self to be on display and be seen, so the We, the Collective can learn from one another:  Mirroring.

Here's his video.

(Also, he mentions 6 Quarks.  In Esoterism, that's the Cube of Space or the Merkabah...6-pointed Star).