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What Clients are sayinG

“I'm SO grateful for having met Anne Stanley! Thanks to her extraordinary sensitivity and knowledge I have been able to cross thresholds that otherwise would have taken me forever!! She has healed my body, my soul and helped me heal my heart too.... I have referred her to everyone in need. She's helped my mom recover from her injury.... Her approach is not only holistic; it transcends space, dimensions and realities. She's loving, attentive, bright, and so very gifted. If for any reason you are hesitating.....STOP! She's the best! No flattery here; just the facts!”

Aryana Rose 

“YOU ARE AWESOME! And so incredibly generous with your healing words, advice and guidance. I am so grateful for your angelic presence and love on my journey!”

-Hemalayaa Behl 

“Being a trained actor; I am an old hat when it comes to various breathing exercises and wasn’t expecting anything new or unusual.  At the onset of our session Bryan instructed me that I might experience a tingling sensation in my fingers and hands as the exercise went on and I politely nodded assuming that any such experience must be purely psychosomatic. We began slowly with a lower abdominal breathing that I have grown very used to using for projection. We then transitioned into the Breath Empowerment and the experience dramatically changed. The intense nature of the respiration requires concentration and stamina, two qualities rarely associated with breathing. While most guided breath meditation sessions focus on relaxation and serenity the warrior exercise seeks invigoration and energy. While not necessarily physically taxing the session is definitely intense and by the end I felt a vague notion of vibration throughout my body and most particularly in my hands. They felt as if they were being used to conduct current and when I moved them it felt more like my hands were sliding through water rather than air. Overall the entire experience was a pleasant surprise, which left me feeling recharged and cleansed in a peculiar way. “

-Caleb Curtis