Anne Stanley

I graduated from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2012 with a Master's in Oriental Medicine, which requires 162 hours of classroom and clinical training. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Texas and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from Texas Tech University in 1998.

I've practiced yoga since I was 16 and am an extreme lover of mountain biking. I'm a mother to 3 vibrant, fun kids. Outdoors, playfulness, and a child-like excitability motivate me to go deeper into every moment.

My passion in teaching is in the application of Personal Myth as it is expressed for each of us through our individual biology. Deeply, I feel kinship with the work of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.

Numerology, Mathematics, and Quantum Physics are my playground.

I am passionate about healing, both mine and yours, knowing that we are quantumly entangled.

I love you all.


Bryan Bartell

What I do is simple. I listen to the words you leave unsaid, uncovering the fears and desires that direct your life so you can align your priorities with your passions.

My interest has always been to look into the heart of people, situations and beliefs, but what electrifies me and ignites my passion is when I see people inspired by who they are and what they do. I am inspired by connection with the subtle energies that link us all and by sharing the precious moments when the veil is lifted and the path becomes crystal clear.

The truth is that we live in a world where distractions lurk in every uncertain corner of our lives.

Even though you are probably already overwhelmed by demands on your time and energy, it is so easy to occupy quiet moments reliving situations, wishing you had been less emotional, editing all the words you said and didn't say, wondering if you got your point across. Or maybe you just stare at exploding colors on a screen to avoid hearing your inner voice.

Thankfully, effective tools exist to transform uncertainty into opportunity to break through.

Choosing to work with me is taking the opportunity to acquire emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tools to gently open the areas of your life just waiting for the right moment to burst into vitality and service of your highest and deepest Self.

Some of the methods I employ and transmit are:


Automatic Writing




My background is in Theology and Sociology. I’m a recovering Baptist, Taoist, and Escapist. And I love my life because there is no destination. There is only deepening, broadening, and expansion of experience and service.