One OM Houston is a group of Holistic Practitioners who combine our talents to provide tools for empowered healing.


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What Clients are sayinG

“I'm SO grateful for having met Anne Stanley! Thanks to her extraordinary sensitivity and knowledge I have been able to cross thresholds that otherwise would have taken me forever!! She has healed my body, my soul and helped me heal my heart too.... I have referred her to everyone in need. She's helped my mom recover from her injury.... Her approach is not only holistic; it transcends space, dimensions and realities. She's loving, attentive, bright, and so very gifted. If for any reason you are hesitating.....STOP! She's the best! No flattery here; just the facts!”

Aryana Rose 

“YOU ARE AWESOME! And so incredibly generous with your healing words, advice and guidance. I am so grateful for your angelic presence and love on my journey!”

-Hemalayaa Behl