We have been working together for some time, pulling from teachings in Taoism, Qabalah, Buddhism, and Theosophy to facilitate deep healing and transformation in ourselves and others. If you have found yourself dissatisfied with formal training, but still find yourself seeking something more, we may be able to help you tap into your inner wisdom and provide you with simple tools to facilitate your awakening.

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Opportunities for this kind of work include:

Dream Yoga ($10), 60 minutes. Check our MeetUp page for the current session.

Lucid dreaming is a cultivated state of awareness of Self inside the alternate container of reality, which is Body Stillness. In this state, we operate between the realms, in the more etheric consciousness Air-Fire. Here, Spirit (Desire/Purpose) reconciles and negotiates its relationship to Mind (Perception/Projection). Sukhusana (Simple Sitting) is the entry pose. Savasana (Corpse Pose) is the bridge. This bridge, which you have likely been cultivating on your own for many years now, is ready for your further expansion. This yoga picks up where your classroom yoga has left off. It will help you develop complete awareness of the inseparable state of BE-ingness that Human existence is.

Purification Ritual on Friday nights at 6:30 pm (free) ~ 30-45 minutes. We often schedule this prior to our monthly informal hangout, where we may play games, read tarot, and meditate. Check our MeetUp page for the current session.

Join us in this cleansing meditation based on the frequency of Ursa Major, the Great Bear Mother, in alignment with the Sun & Moon. All 7 stars in this constellation correspond to the primary 7 chakras in your body. Nourish, purify, and harmonize your Mind-Body with Spirit.

Group Hunyuan Qigong on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am ($8) every 2 weeks. ~ 40 minutes

The practice of Hunyuan Qigong, also called Primordial Qigong, is meant to restore your body's vitality. It aids cellular renewal, circulates body fluids, increases conductance, and lubricates joints. This practice can facilitate the healing of your body from long-term/chronic diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, hypothyroidism, adrenal collapse, etc. Wear comfortable clothing. You will be standing for the whole practice. It is safe to practice this at any age. The entire sequence is as short as 20 minutes, but as long as 40. Here, you can watch Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang performing this sequence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5X5pBx8nUE

Practical Tarot Program: in-depth tarot program including training in divination, qabalistic path-work, artistic expression, and healing. Contact us to find out when the next session starts. Each module lasts 3 months and costs $125 per month or $333 for the whole module.

Tribe of the Great Bear Mother Mentorship Program (click here for details)

The Mentorship we provide follows a simple path of Compassion, Purification, Summoning, and Embodiment. While we draw from training in various Spiritual lineages, the Tribe of the Great Bear Mother exists to deepen the Heart’s connection to Life using whatever language is most resonant with each member, and to foster community that transcends culture and doctrine.