The High Priestess & The Shaman: Your Dual Nature.  A summary sheet of these qualities and the purpose/usefulness of these Archetypes.

Personal Totem Myth.  A worksheet for embodying personal archetypes or elementals for the purpose of healing/balancing your bio-field (chakras).

Cycles of 9.  Traditions around the world have emphasized the significance of observing your life patterns within the construct of a period of 9 years.  1 is the energy of New Beginnings, while 9 is the energy of Completion.  This tool can help you observe your own history, so that you might get a better understanding of what is to come in your next cycle.

Qabalistic Astrological Blueprint. Use this to translate your Astrological Chart data into the Archetypes of the Tarot. If you’d like a full interpretation of your chart, let us know.

Today: In Time. This is an example of how you can manage your day…Just Today. This, afterall, is the only day.

Rhythm Chart. This page is for structuring your day during the waking hours from Yang to Yin (rising masculine energy to falling feminine energy). The first mark on the Yang side is your “waking” time. Each successive mark is 1 hour later, until you get to “rest”. Make sure you include time for a balanced day of work, rest, & play.