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Tribe of the Great Bear Mother Mentorship Program

The mentorship we provide follows a simple path of Compassion, Purification, Summoning, and Embodiment. While we draw from training in various Spiritual lineages, the Tribe of the Great Bear Mother exists to deepen the Heart’s connection to Life using whatever language is most resonant with each member, and to foster community that transcends culture and doctrine.

This community is The Tribe of the Great Bear Mother

Externally, the group serves in these primary ways:

Healing, Teaching, Creating, & Cleansing

To encourage the rapid development of each individual on the path, we’ve included these benefits for Mentees:

1) Personally designed Path of Development*

2) 1 Session with Anne Weekly

3) 1 Session with Bryan Weekly

4) Unlimited Group Sessions Weekly

5) Dream Yoga

6) Partner, Friend, or Family member Joint Sessions 4x/year*

The Foundational Flow of the Program will take you through Four Phases to completion. The end of each one of the Four Phases is variable, based on each Mentee's readiness/ability to proceed.

At the beginning of the Four Phases, a student is Initiated, representing a contract between his/her Spirit, Mind, & Body with the Guidance of the Tribe Mothers & Fathers.

At the end of the Four Phases, if desired, a student will be ordained as Mother or Father, with the intention to lead and expand the Tribe for the purpose of Awakening one another. 

Enrollees in other Programs

If you are enrolled in the Mentorship Program, any future classes and workshops will be discounted 50%. This applies as well to any students currently enrolled in the Practical Tarot Program.

*included with Annual Mentorship price of $2000 (which can be paid in full or monthly $166.66)

The current Group Class Schedule is:

with Anne:

Mondays @ 1:30 pm Compassion Practice

Wednesdays @ 1:30 pm Herbal Medicine

with Bryan:

Thursdays @ 6:00 am

Fridays @ 6:00 am

(alternating Breath Work, Automatic Writing, Qigong, & Silent meditation)

with Both of us:

Fridays @ 10:00 am (Energy of the Day)