We hold Ceremony for Rites of Passage such as:

Weddings (Sacred Contracts): The Union of 2 Bodies, 2 Spirits contracted in Marriage is the 1st Contract outside of Self that sets the stage for all other contracts, whether in Work, with Extended Family, or in Community. This Union must be prepared with the balance of all 4 Directions, the Square, which is Earth. Each partner is readied for the Union of Body, Mind, Spirit, & Soul.

Embracing the Empress/Emperor (Leaving Innocence/Entering Fertility): The entrance into Fertility, leaving childhood behind physically. Here, Youth is given supportive, conscious release, while we embrace Adulthood. Allowing our Adolescents to learn how to always carry within their Hearts their Inner Child.

Releasing the Empress/Emperor (Leaving Fertility/Entering Wisdom): A time when philosophy, embodiment, & alchemy converge after the dense Earth work of bearing & cultivating children (whether our children are human, businesses, books, communities, etc). We are metaphorically leaving one type of garden and entering another. This requires the release of our attachments to identities of external beauty and surface praise and asks us to go deep into the acceptance of the shifting tides of purpose with aging.