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Introduction to Tarot: a journey of illusion, insight, and illumination

  • One:OM 1053 Cheshire Lane Houston, TX, 77018 United States (map)

July 7, 2018


Embark with me on an adventure through the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. This course lays the groundwork for using the analytical and intuitive mind to navigate a world of infinite possibilities with greater ease and confidence. 


    You will acquire practical tools for using the Tarot to illuminate and resolve internal conflicts, using sound and movement to anchor your intentions in your highest truth, and communicating directly with the subtle energies of the Tarot to receive insight and inspiration. 


    Applications for healing, creative expression, decision-making, and spiritual expansion are virtually limitless.


In this introductory workshop, you will gain basic understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana


You will receive an attunement of the Qabalistic Cross to tap into the wealth of vitality and energy housed in your unconscious in a balanced and grounded way.


You will learn how to communicate with individual     frequencies of the Tarot for guidance, inspiration, and insight.

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