Acupuncture Basics

The basis of a treatment includes the application of Acupuncture needles and the prescription of appropriate Herbal Medicines. The needles are virtually pain-free and are typically retained for approximately 20 minutes.

Additionally, cupping, tui-na, or gua-sha may be used. You can expect 10-15 minutes of consultation time, during which I'll gather appropriate diagnostic information.



  • $60/session
  • No "new client" fees
  • Strict cancellation policy
  • Rewards/Points Program


what you might expect at your session

Typical frequency of vISIT


You're most likely to come in for a single treatment if you have a cold/flu or a muscle sprain/pull.


This frequency is useful if you experience mild stress or need minimal maintenance on an injury.


If you experience chronic or re-current pain or need to alleviate your stress, reduce your blood pressure or serum cholesterol, or simply rejuvenate/restore your body functions, then weekly treatments for 1, 2, or 3 months are ideal.

More severe syndromes needing 2-3x/week treatment include: paralysis from stroke, pain from shingles, bell's palsy, bone repair, developmental delays, liver or kidney disease, cancer, et al.

These are cranial image scans from a research study showing the brain areas activated and de-activated by Acupuncture needles during real time.  The KI3, SP6, PC6, etc labels are channel/meridian point names.  There are more than 365 regular points taught in Chinese Medicine, but those are just a sampling of the endless ways the human body can be treated with acupuncture.